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Avail Ultramodern Solar Water Heater, Industrial Solar Panel, Solar Garden Light, Off Grid System, Solar Street Light, Off Grid System, Etc. From Us, Along With Their Installation Services.

We, Tenza Infotech Solutions Private Limited believe that it is the time when we all working in distinct sectors should stand up together and start moving towards an Eco-firendly, Safer, Cheaper and much more reliable source of energy, Solar Energy. By serving as a manufacturer, trader and service provider, we offer ultramodern products to the industries, corporates, residentials and various other areas that require high-end solutions under one shed only. Our supply includes items such as Submersible Solar Water Pump, Industrial Solar Panel, On Grid Solar Plant, Solar Street Light, Solar Garden Light, Off Grid System, Solar Water Heater and more items. 

For the specific needs of our prestigious clients we are also rendering On Grid Panel Installation Services, Hybrid Panel Installation Services, Solar Heater Installation Services, Solar Pump Installation Services and Solar Street Light Installation Services after sales and without sales.

For our best quality products and timely servicing, customers have trusted us, which we look forward to maintaining forever. 

Why Solar?

Solar energy is undoubtedly the next biggest revolution in the Energy sector. There are numerous reasons for why customers or industries are availing solar solutions today; such as:
  • It is ultimate source of saving heavy electricity expenses.
  • It is highly recommended against global warming, air pollution, etc.
  • It is a renewable source of energy and users can avail benefits accordingly.
  • It is a great solution for Energy security.
Our Clients

In our servicing of a couple of years only, we have entered in the markets to have a well-developed network of clients who are happy with the quality of our work. The associated clients with us are ib Solar, REIL, Lanco, Micro Sun, BHEL, ICOMM, Modern Solar, WAAREE, Topsun, Photonix and many more. These clients and many more are not only appreciating the quality of our work but, also trusting the services that we deliver through our range of Solar Water Heater, Solar Garden Light, Solar Pump, Industrial Solar Panel, Solar Street Light, On Grid Solar Plant, Off Grid System and other items. That is why, our network of clients is consistently increasing with renowned names such as FUNAE, Genus, Raajratna, AIMS, Sunfuel, NeoSol, Sonali Solar, EECO, SAHAJ, Shivam, etc.